Kamis, 27 Juli 2017

How to Get Rid of Black Eye Fast Naturally

Having a black eye, surely make us look less attractive, especially if you are a woman. Black eyes or a panda's eyes is not a serious health problem, but if left untreated, it can lead to someone's lowering self-confidence. In fact, some experts say that the emergence of the black eyes could be symptoms of a person suffering from a disease.

The cause of the emergence of bruised eyes is quite varied. Lack of sleep can be one of the leading causes of this problem. According to health experts, a person that lack of sleep can have melanin hormone in large amounts.
This hormone can trigger the appearance of panda eyes and premature aging. However, apart from the lack of sleep, some other conditions such as anemia, dehydration, exposure to sunlight, alcohol, smoking, and excessive use of make-up can also be associated with causing the black eye.
So how do I remove bags under the eyes? There are many ways to overcome the black eye that you can try. Ranging from salon treatments, beauty products, until treatments naturally.

However, because I like natural things, so this time I tried to share some of the ways on how to get rid of black eye fast taken of naturalrelieve.com. Although the results tend to be longer, I guarantee it will not make you disappointed. Here a few of the ways.

Natural Ways to Eliminate Black Eyes (Panda’s Eyes)

1. Apply with Ice Cubes
Do you like to watch boxing? Usually when a time-out, the boxer will be compressed his face using a cold washcloth dipped in ice water. According to the study, the nature of ice is able to provide the freshness of the skin. Thus, the ice proved effective enough to eliminate the panda eyes.
How to overcome the black eye with ice cubes:
- Prepare ice cubes to taste
- There are two ways you can do that is by applying directly and use the help of a washcloth
- When it is severe enough, you can apply ice cubes directly.

2. Potatoes Mask

Previously I have discussed how to make a potato mask and its benefits. One of the advantages of this mask is able to prevent premature aging, from wrinkles to bags under the eyes.
Efficacy of potatoes may arise because it contains citric acid and phosphoric acid in high amounts. Ingredients are proven to accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells.
How to remove bags under the eyes with potatoes:
- Peel 1 potato, then puree
- Put the paste into the thin cloth
- Use to compress for 30 minutes
- Perform routine before going to bed and after waking up in the morning

3. Jicama Mask 
Jicama mask enriched with vitamin C and B1 in high quantities. The content is helpful enough to whiten the skin naturally. In addition, the high water content is also believed to help eliminate the bruised eyes naturally.
How to remove the panda eyes with Jicama:
- Puree 1 piece Jicama peeled, you can grate
- Use grated Jicama as a face mask for 30 minutes
- Before using it, make sure your face is clean of dirt
- Let stand until absorbed, then rinse with cold water.
- When it is done regularly, your skin will glow brighter.

4. Compress with Tea Bags

Do you know the benefits of tea bags? The tea bag is quite useful to eliminate panda eyes. The content of tannins in tea bags is able to constrict the pores and tighten skin naturally. With the regular use, your eyes will also be fresher.

How to remove bags under the eyes with a tea bags:

- Prepare two of used tea bags (regular tea or green tea)
- Dip the tea bags into cold water for 10 minutes
- Then attach the bag to the eye area
- Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with water thoroughly.

5. Slices of Cucumber

Most people already know this way. By attaching slices of cucumber to eye area then black bags can disappear. Cucumber has astringent properties which are useful for blood circulation in the surface layer of the skin.

How to eliminate black eye with cucumber:

- Slicing the fresh cucumber with a thickness of 0.5 cm
- While lying down, put the slices of each to the eye area
- Let stand for 30 minutes and feel a sense of coolness
- To be more practical, you can also use cucumber, while applying natural face mask

6. Almond oil

Almond oil has many natural mineral contents. There are calcium, magnesium, folic acid, collagen, and much more. The content of collagen is able to tighten the area around the eyes. So that you can use it to overcome the black eye.

How to overcome the black eye with almond oil:

- Prepare the almond oil in moderation
- After bathing, apply the oil evenly on the eye area
- Give a massage so that the oil soak for 10 minutes, then let stand until dry
- Rinse with cold water until clean.

7. Olive oil

A few days ago I read and read articles about olive oil, the type of the oil is already being used by Queen Cleopatra of Egypt to treat the skin after bathing. Evidenced by the oil, she could have beauty skin second to none. Therefore, there is no harm if you use olive oil to overcome the bags under the eyes.

How to remove bags under the eyes with olive oil:

- Each completed bath (either morning or afternoon), apply olive oil on the eye area for 30 minutes
- Do not forget to give a gentle massage to absorb and work optimally.

8. The Egg White

Egg whites are a source of animal protein. The protein content has many benefits for skin care, including being able to tighten the skin naturally. By using the egg whites into the area around the eyes, the eye bags can disappear very easily.

How to remove bags under the eyes with eggs:

- Beat the egg whites until foamy in moderation
- Apply egg white to the eye bags, do not expose the eye
- Massage gently for 5 minutes, then let stand for up to 30 minutes
- Finally, rinse with warm water thoroughly.

9. Chilled Spoon

Using a chilled spoon to remove bags under the eyes, may sound quite strange. But, believe it or not, this method is quite effective. Cold nature of the spoon can help relax the skin on the bottom of the eye.

Soak spoon in ice water for 15 minutes, then attach to the eye area to sense the chill-out. Only by 2-3 just use your eye bags soon disappear.


That is some ways to eliminate black eye naturally and quickly, and within 30 minutes. In order to maximize results, it helps you start now implementing a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep at least 8 hours a day, no smoking, healthy diet, do not drink alcohol, and much more.